Snack-O-Rama – All Snacks Rule!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

So, we all know snacks can be awesome. I’m not just talking about delicious and naughty snacks like brownies and cookies, but also healthy stuff, like seasoned almonds, fresh strawberries or yogurt smoothies.

Alex, Soph and I are huge snackers; much of our eating is very snacky and tapas-like and we usually go in snack-phases–like pistachios, strawberries and chocolate pudding, every day of the week. Then, once I’m convinced these are their forever favorites, they change to wanting string cheese, melon and jello–huge surprise, I know. So, to avoid a fridge filled with unwanted packets of go-gurt and rotting blueberries, I not only make sure to ask the kids what they’re liking these days, I also have a rule: if you say you want it, you must eat all of it before a different ‘favorite’ is purchased (this rule also governs the purchase of cereals. A person can only store so much cookie crisp and cocoa puffs before they just have to stop the madness).

To ensure an amble supply of treats are on hand, we thoroughly stock-up each week. Our healthy favorites include: Almonds, Pistachios, Cashews, String Cheese, Cheese in general, Pop-corn, fruit, veggies and dip, leaner sausages, pudding and yogurt. And, I am NOT one of those moms who does not allow the not-so-healthy treats, so we also have ice cream, chocolate, Little Debbie snacks, various candies and other sugar/fat laden delights.

See, my theory is balance when it comes to food in-take. If Sophie eats two Little Debbie brownies, she knows she’s done with ‘not-healthy’ foods for the day. She also knows that she’ll still be allowed to eat fruit or yogurt for a sweet snack later…just no more junk. And Alex knows that if he only eats chicken for supper and tries to sneak out on his peas, well then he will not get ice cream before bed.

We truly love our snacks. And as the head of this grazing brigade, I’d like to think that we are top notch snackers, who embrace both sides of the snack aisle–healthy and not-so-healthy–with a balance that ensures nutrition and fun.

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