Two Kids Cooking TV: Snickety Snacks

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Sophia loves veggies and dip and Alex loves turkey sausage, so this healthy snack works for the all of us. Sophia also loves preparing food and making it ‘pretty’ which is another reason this is a favorite of hers.

Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think with a comment or a star rating. Make sure to sign up for our weekly recipes AND so you don’t miss our other videos and news. The next episode will be up in a week–see you then!

Check out the recipe, too!

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  1. Janice Says:

    Bravo! Looks beautiful, and delish.
    I like the safety tip, and the way Sophia curls her fingers under while slicing veggies – just like the professionals.

    But please, tell us more about pizza and ranch?!?!

  2. the Mom Says:

    Thanks! Glad you liked the episode πŸ˜€

    Regarding the ranch, Sophia loves ranch on pizza, chicken strips, veggies…lots of stuff. BUT, she does have specific kinds she prefers for each and she knows the difference. I’ve been able to keep the ranch inventory down to 2 varieties, though, luckily πŸ˜€

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