I Think Pancakes Hate Me

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

blueberrypancakes2Actually, I KNOW they hate me. The thing is, I’m not sure why I care…

Here’s the thing, I like to try recipes for things to make themĀ from scratch and sometimes (gnocchi), it just doesn’t work. And, rather than leave well enough alone, I must keep trying. Now you’re probably thinking, "Pancakes, really? They just aren’t that hard."

Well, I agree, they are NOT that hard. But I’m not talking Mrs. Butterworth mix pancakes or even Bisquick…I’m talking flour, milk, egg, and baking powder. Actually, my pancakes always LOOK amazing. They are fluffy, beautiful and ready to be eaten. The problem is the taste–my pancakes taste like baking powder. I’ve tried several different recipes (all of which include baking powder). I’ve even tried eliminating the baking powder, only to end up with pancake bricks.

In the past I’ve always just figured it was the recipe; but I’ve tried like 6 recipes, all ending with my garbage disposal having a hearty breakfast. First I went to Foodnetwork online; mouthful of baking powder no-so-loveliness. Then I just did some random online searches. Same result. Then I went through several cookbooks and again, same thing. I thought those church lady cookbooks were the answer–all those hot dishes are so delicious–but no luck.

I’m going to try again; but not until I do some more research. Otherwise I guess I’m going back to Mrs. Butterworth and my head hanging in shame…

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