Halloween: The Week After

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Sophia "Hannah Montana" and Alex "Ninja"

Halloween has passed, but the memories (and candy) live on. Here are some pics of Alex and Soph from before the trick-or-treating adventure to the candy countdown afterward.

Sophia was Hannah Montana (with some extra clothes for the brisk MN weather). Alex, who was going to be Darth Vadar, decide to go as a Ninja–this is because he currently loves his Nerf sword and it went well with the ninja costume). I went with the kids as a Hippie, and then transformed into a Hippie Zombie for a Halloween party later–the kids look much cuter than I did, but you can check out more pics on Flickr if you want 😀


Sophia "Hannah Montana"

We hope you all had as much fun this Halloween as we did.

AND, tune in this Saturday for our first Thanksgiving Episode!


Alex "Ninja"


The Candy Count

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