Ways to Let the Kids Help with Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Some people probably think I’m crazy for even letting the kids in the kitchen while cooking the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Well if you’ve seen our show, you know that the 2 Kids family is a little crazy–and that’s just the way we like it 😀

Alex and Soph usually help get things ready for the big meal by helping make the desserts the day before. On Thanksgiving though, I’m kind of focused on getting everything done, so they have more limited hands-on kitchen time, but here are some ways they help out:

Hors d’oeuvres
When we have family and friends over for Thanksgiving, most of the time they arrive well before the big meal. This means we like to have plenty of snacks available for our guests. Alex and Sophia love getting hors d’oeuvres ready and serving them, so that’s usually one of their duties. We usually have an assortment of things including some family favorites like pickled herring, polish sausage, assorted cheeses…nothing too fancy, just some tasty items to keep tummies from growling before the main meal.

Crudité Platter
If you’ve seen our ‘Snickety Snacks‘ episode, you know that we love the veggie trays. Alex and Soph can put together a respectable Crudité platter in no time and with lots of style, so on Thanksgiving, I make sure they do.

At our house, a guest with an empty glass won’t be empty for long. When I’m busy cooking, the kids are free to check on each of our guests needs, refreshing sodas or waters, or letting the ‘bartender’ know someone needs a fresh beverage. This responsibility keeps our guests well hydrated and the kids busy.

Relish Tray
Pickles, olives and pickled peppers, oh my! Whatever types of pickled delicacies are traditional on your table, they need to be prepared. Just like with the Crudité Platter and Hors d’oeuvres, kids have fun making serving platters look pretty. Sophia tends to eat as much as she plates, but that’s why we buy extra 😉

Setting the Table
I remember Thanksgivings when I was a kids. Every year we’d travel to Jackson, MN to spend the holiday with my Grandma and Grandpa. My Grandma was a bit of a stickler for a properly set table, and my sister and I always had the duty of making sure this happened. Now, I’ve passed the duty on to Alex and Sophia, BUT, I’m not quite as picky as two where they place the silverware…I’m lucky to have all the place settings matching these days 😀

And there you have it, a few of the ways Mom (that’s me) keeps the 2 Kids (that’s Alex and Soph), busy and helping on Thanksgiving. Because, Thanksgiving is about thanks, right? And I’m most thankful to have two great kids to spend time with, both in the kitchen and out.

Have a great holiday week everyone…and Thank You for watching Two Kids Cooking!

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