What Really Matters…?

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

twoKidsCooking-alexandsophToday we did not get home from school/work today until about 7:00pm. I know that is normal for lots and lots of families, and even for us it’s usually 6:00pm, but 7 is just later than I prefer. I have been able to arrange my day job so that I work fewer hours on my ‘kid’ weeks (I only have Alex and Soph with me every other week); and I work from home on Mondays and Fridays on those weeks–all this so I can squeeze as much time in with them as possible. But, days like this, when we get home at 7 just don’t allow for much ‘together time’ and I just don’t like that. It’s not like we do anything amazing when we’re home by 5 or 6; but it’s that we have time to do whatever.

When we have that ‘time,’ we make supper together, we eat together, we snuggle and watch movies together, we play Wii together, we play monopoly together, we do ‘artwork’ together, we laugh together…

Tonight for dinner, Alex had pizza with his friends at ‘Future Problem Solvers,’ Soph had a happy meal from McDonalds after we picked up Alex and then some new shoes for Alex at Walmart and I am just now munching on some sour cream and onion potato chips. Not only do I feel like our night was spent driving and shopping and running, but we all had such ‘healthy’ meals, it’s hard to believe we have a family food blog (OK, Alex’s pizza with friends is fine, but McDonalds and chips….really?).

I know for sure, though, that tomorrow, we’re coming straight home, making supper together and eating it while playing a game or watching a movie. I guess these days that don’t allow for connecting, well they remind us to make time for connecting, AND, to cherish every moment we have together.

For this holiday season, I wish everyone all the TIME they need TOGETHER….because time together with those you love, that is what really matters.

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