Nothing Matters But the Lovin’

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

2kids_onhorsesWhen Alex was little–and actually I don’t believe how BIG he is now–this was one of his favorite sayings. I don’t exactly remember how it came about, but I think it was one of those discussions where I was trying to emphasize that people are more important than things. Alex’s interpretation at what was probably the age of three: ‘Nothing matters but the lovin.’

Wisdom from the mouths of babes. Because we all know it’s true, nothing does matter but those you love. Everything else can be replaced. And, during this economic time that we all find ourselves in, I think Alex’s catch phrase is worth sharing. As so many of our friends, family, neighbors find themselves in situations they never thought possible, we all need to remember that everything will work itself out. We need to be there, in whatever way we can, for those we love and care about.

My hope is, though, that the connections we build and lessons we learn during these lean times are carried through to the better times ahead. Whether times are good or not-so-good, people should always come first.

My Christmas wish to everyone is this, remember good times and bad; learn what you can from every experience and always remember–Nothing Matters but the Lovin’!

Merry Christmas all…

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