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Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Michelle over at the ‘What’s Cooking Blog‘ has started a blog series called ‘What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids‘. This series’ goal is to show everyone that it IS simple to cook with your kids AND everyone should try it. Since Alex, Soph and I strive to encourage families to cook and eat together, we want to spread the word; And we’ll be submitting one of our stories too!

Which story you ask? Well, one of my favorites is when we were making our Spider Cookie recipe for Halloween. Cookies area always fun to make with the kids. All the measuring and mixing ensures everyone will get to do something. On this occasion, Alex was in charge of pouring in the flour and then the vanilla. As he poured the vanilla onto the flour, the vanilla sort of rolled off the flour rather than penetrating and soaking into it. Alex found this amazing. As he watched, he muttered these words:

"Wow! Flour has repellent properties…that could be useful…mental note."

The way he says it is hilarious…If you watch the Spider Cookie episode you can witness it as it happened.

I hope you check out ‘What’s Cooking with YOUR Kids’, but most of all, I encourage all of you to get in the kitchen together as a family. It’s easy and fun (our show is evidence of that :D)

Now, go cook together!

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