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Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Sophia is a sugar addict. I guess when a child asks for dessert after breakfast, it’s a sure sign that there might be some issues…especially when breakfast was pancakes with syrup. Actually, Alex and I have decided she’s must be an elf. You know that scene in the movie ‘Elf’ where Will Ferrell explains the four ‘food groups’ of elves- candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup-well that is Soph.

I, as any mother would, try and limit her intake of sweet treats, or at least try and talk her into fruit instead of ‘fruit’ snacks, but I’m not usually successful. Since I tend to be one of those mothers that try to influence her kids to make their own decisions, rather than imposing my rule, I have found a super easy way to get the decision I’d prefer. I don’t buy the food I don’t want them to eat. I’ve been ‘tricking’ myself this way for years (if there are not sour cream and onion chips in the cupboard, I cannot eat them) and I know it’s not really a trick so much as selective purchasing, but it works.

I have fallen off the wagon though. Since about November our cupboards have included treats like Pop Tarts, Marshmallows, Little Debbie’s, etc… As I hang my head in shame I feel solace in the fact that admitting there’s a problem is the first step. I, Kelly the Mom, am ready to take on the sugar monster. Please send positive thoughts 😀

As I find recipes for healthier desserts, I’ll tweet ‘em and/or facebook ‘em or just plain share ‘em here. If you have any suggestions, please share!

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  1. Heather G. Says:

    This made me laugh. William is EXACTLY THE SAME. He would eat marshmallows and cookies all day if I’d let him. Poor boy…since the megasugarthon we had over the holidays…I’ve been boycotting it and we have very very little sugar anything in the house. I think he’s just about been having DTs. We have been trying to go more organic and healthy(which is just plain hard out here) and he isn’t necessarily appreciating my more healthful snack options… :-) Any "healthy" recipes would be appreciated.

  2. the Mom Says:

    We’ve been working hard trying to get more healthy recipes in the show, and just sharing those we find online…especially those with ‘appreciation’ factor 😀

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