Beef Jerky

Posted by Alex

NOTE: Alex wrote this post 😀

I love beef jerky. So much I wish I could make my own. Lucky for me, mom has a food dehydrator. Ever since I heard this, I’ve been searching the web for just the right recipe. With my taste, I prefer high salt and a whole lot of garlic (I would eat it raw if possible). I also like mild spicy things like teriyaki & also a touch of sweetness, like in brown sugar. I’ve found a recipe that has all that, yet room for improvement, as every dish on the planet does. Here’s the link, though I must give credit to for providing us with great recipes-Beef Jerky.

P.S. From the Mom…we’re going to be testing this recipe (with a few tweaks, as Alex indicates) in an upcoming episode of 2 Kids Cooking. We’ll update you with our feedback.

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