2 Kids Cooking TV Review: Curious Chef 8 Pc. Cutlery & Serving Set

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

In March of 2010, the kids and I decided to order and test some of Curious Chef’s products. They looked fun and I was intrigued by the cutlery in particular. The 8 Pc. Cutlery & Serving Set was our first venture into Curious Chef’s line and here’s our review:

The Cutlery set is one of their ‘web exclusives’ so the box it comes in is less pretty than some of their sets, but for us, the packaging is not where it’s at…it’s the goods. ‘The goods’ in this set are a frosting spreader knife, a small plastic knife and a medium plastic knife. There’s also the green pepper cutting board, a spatula-like mixing spoon, their pizza server & cutter, along with a pie server. Once we opened the box, we were excited to put these tools to work.

This set is perfect for kids who like to get involved in cooking prep work and serving. It’s also perfect for Mom’s who are worried their kids might just cut themselves with a standard knife. Don’t get me wrong, as you might have seen in our show, Alex and Soph are both allowed to use my knives when we cook, but with my supervision. If I’m doing some serious cooking and can’t focus on the kiddies (especially Soph), these knives are perfect–They cut veggies, fruit, cheese and even meat! Plus, this Mom doesn’t have to worry about blood loss while trying to cook and let the kids help out. The Pizza cutter is like that too…it does it’s job while not posing a hazard to delicate fingers.

We tested out each piece in this episode of Two Kids Cooking TV. Watch and and you can get Alex and Sophia’s direct feedback and see the tools in action. You’ll see these tools are great for kids and adults. The only downside is the knives lack of precision, but they are safety-oriented and precision is really not something you’re going to get (stick with your Shun or Wustoff if that’s what your looking for 😉 ).

Once you’ve seen these tools in action, you might decide the little chef’s in your life would appreciate their very own set. If you are familiar with our Web Cooking Show, 2 Kids Cooking TV and blog, you’ll know we fell in love with the products and now promote them in our own online store.

If you have any questions about the tools, just send us an email and we’ll get you an answer (2kids @ twokidscooking.com).

Enjoy the show and Happy Family Cooking!

Alex, Sophia and Kelly

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