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Last week, I shared with everyone the fact that March is National Nutrition Month. I also announced that Alex, Soph and I are celebrating the month by testing out some veggie recipes. Each week we’re focusing on a particular vegetable, and this week the focus is on broccoli.

Honestly, both Alex and Soph like broccoli; BUT, they only like it steamed with a little butter and salt. So, to try and broaden their broccoli-eating horizons, we tested three recipes. Links to the original recipes, along with our thoughts on each, follow:

Broccoli Bites
This is a recipe I found at one of my favorite recipe sites,

Our Thoughts:
Mom – First, there is broccoli in here, but there is also cheese, and it’s fried…not the healthiest way to cook; BUT, I loved ’em. They’d be a great hors d’oeuvres.

Alex – Said, ‘Not bad’ and ate a couple. He said he’d eat them again.

Soph – Ate a half of one and said she liked it…I’m not sure how promising that is, but, again, she did eat some.

Broccoli and Cheese Mini Egg Omelets
This one I found at Gina’s WW Recipes , although I ‘un-weight watchered’ it a bit.

Our Thoughts:
Mom – Again, I thought this one was super delicious. I did alter the recipe a bit though, using 8 whole eggs instead of the 1 cup of whites and I used full-fat cheese. They keep nicely in the fridge, too, for microwave reheating as a quick breakfast.

Alex – Would not try them. He’s not a huge eggs and cheese fan, so I wasn’t surprised.

Soph – Tasted it, made a face and said she didn’t want anymore. This was disappointing to me because she likes eggs, cheese and broccoli. I have hope she’ll at least try it again.

Broccoli with Lemon
I found this one at in the Southern Food section.

Our Thoughts:
Mom – I liked it, but it was pretty standard steamed broccoli with butter; a bit boring…the lemon did brighten it though and it was quick and easy to make.

Alex – Loved it…had two helpings. He likes citrus on everything, so no real shocker here.

Soph – Loved it and exclaimed it was sooo good! She, like her brother, is a huge fan of the lemon.

Overall we had a lot of fun with our little broccoli-o-rama. Even though the kids didn’t love all of the recipes, they were family-cooking friendly and we had a great time making ’em. Check back next Monday for our Pea-Fest. It should be interesting since neither of the kids is pea lover 😉

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