Carrots, Carrots Everywhere

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Soph likes ’em, Alex does not. As the Mom, I not only think they’re delicious, but I know they are packed full of nutrients. So, as part of our recognition of National Nutrition Month, this week is carrot recipe experimentation week. We tried three recipes that spruce up the typical cooked carrot to see how the 2 kids like ’em.

Polka Dot Peas and Ribbons
We found this recipe at Yes, I snuck some peas in on carrot week ;D…don’t worry though, the kids did not eat them :(

Our Thoughts:
Mom – Loved it! I looks adorable, is easy for the kids to help make and it tastes delicious…

Alex – As I mentioned earler, Alex is not a carrot eater, BUT, he liked these carrots. He didn’t eat the peas, but he did like the carrots.

Soph – Upon seeing the dish, her first words were, "I’m not eating the peas." but after one bite, she decided the carrots were to her liking.

Roasted Carrots
I got the idea for this recipe from Phnewfula over at Turtle Pie’s Drool Session. I actually added some green beans too (next week is green bean week…), some olive oil and herbs, roasted everything up and they were Mmmm Mmmm good.

Our Thoughts:
Mom – Roasted veggies are easy to do and always tasty in my opinion.

Alex – He ate them. Not his favorite, but he ate them without complaining and said he’d be willing to eat them again.

Soph – Although I usually have no difficulty getting Soph to eat carrots, she wasn’t crazy about these. I think a different herb combination might have proven better for her…we’ll see next time I make ’em.

Orange Marmalade Glazed Baby Carrots
Since sweetness is something both of my children are fond of, I had to try a glazed carrot option. Unlike my kids, I am not a huge sweets eater, so I’ve never really glazed anything before, so this was a total experiment. I basically took about 1/4 cup or so of Orange Marmalade, a little butter, some dried rosemary, a dash of salt and poured it over some cooked carrots.

Our Thoughts:
Mom – It was edible. As I stated, I’m not a huge sweet eater, I prefer a more savory dish, but it wasn’t bad.

Alex – ‘Not bad,’ he said, and ate his complete serving 😀

Soph – Loved ’em. She inhaled everyone and even a couple more!

Our journey into the land of carrots this week was tasty and successful. Even though Soph didn’t c one of the recipes, Alex, the non-carrot eater, ate all of them and even liked one! For this mom, that’s a success. Plus, now we have a few more ways to add some carrot variety to our meals.

Make sure to stop by next week when we get adventurous with green beans–a veggie both my kids dislike–oh yeah, it’s gonna be a fun one! ;D

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  1. Amy(Super Healthy Kids) Says:

    Glad you liked it. I like cooked carrots better this way because it wasn’t so mushy like whole or chopped cooked carrots.

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