Too Tired to Cook

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Last week was super busy for the two kids family. Between work, baseball practices, getting ready for our booth at the Forest Lake Craft show and just keeping this blog up, I felt like a chicken with my head cut-off. I was in a constant state of trying to get from one place to the next while getting stuff done in between. I was left feeling very disheveled. One of the consequences of disheveled mom syndrome is a not so stellar dinner menu.

My kids go to school in a town 20 minutes from the town where I live (the district where their Dad lives). Because of this, during baseball season we don’t have time to run home after school, eat and get to practice on-time, so I usually try to pack a healthy picnic supper for us all to eat in the hour before practice begins. Occasionally I’ll break down and we’ll eat fast food, but I try to avoid it. Last week I was not so successful with my fast food avoidance. After an evening of DQ and then another of McDonalds, my only attempt at ‘health’ food was insisting on Subway for our third outing–at least you can get decent sandwiches there. On each of these fast food consuming days I had grand intentions of packing up a picnic for us, but I managed to unprioritize meal making without hesitation. I was just too tired.

Although I was (and am) disappointed in the diet I provided for my kids last week I did come to the realization that next time a busy week is coming up, I need to plan on eating out so the food that’s eaten isn’t last minute fast food crap. And, despite my disappointment, the kids enjoyed every bite of their, fat-filled, nutrition-free meals that week.

I’m gonna go eat some vegetables now,


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