Food: Something We Make Happen

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

It’ll be August tomorrow. We all knew it would arrive eventually, and for some of us it’s too soon (us=Alex and Soph). For others, though, it’s the beginning of the time when the garden starts sharing, and that’s a good thing.

I’ve never really had a super green thumb, more of a light green if anything, but I grew up with home grown food, so I do my best to try with what I have. Our patio herb garden and tomato plant are minuscule compared to the huge, backyard-filling garden my Dad tended every summer. As a kid, veggies from the grocery store where pretty much unknown. Veggies at our house came one of three ways: Fresh from the garden; From the freezer; or From the jars in the basement. I have hours of footage stored in my head of things like pea shelling contests between my siblings, the kids my mom babysat and me; I can still feel the pricks from the raspberry bushes when we’d have to go in ‘deep’ to get the berries; And, we can’t forget the rotten tomato throwing fights we’d have in the fall after the freeze destroyed the remaining tomatoes on the plants. For us, food wasn’t just something you bought, it was something you were a part of making happen.

Every gardener knows it’s not just about tossing seeds in dirt. Gardens require maintenance and care to ensure a good crop. Pulling weeds, watering, fertilizing, watching for plant problems…it’s like having another kid. I’ll have to say though, that, despite the differences my ex-husband I have, I am happy that he has a real garden for them so they experience more than just my apartment patio herbs. This week, he even sent a bag of cucumbers with the kids for us–Soph and I have been eating ’em up. He also included some green beans, which were very delicious. Although I enjoy the fresh food, it’s actually less about that for me, I can get fresh produce at the farmers market. It’s about the kids getting the chance to plant and harvest their own food. It’s about Alex and Soph helping their dad build a scarecrow to keep intruders out of the corn. It’s about my little mini’s getting excited to see the first red tomato of the season.

Plus, when they grow it, they’re more likely to eat it. You see, they aren’t real lovers of green beans, but if the green beans are from their garden, they eat ’em right up. And, if they ask, ‘what’s the green stuff on this?’ and I reply, ‘it’s the herbs from OUR herb garden’…’all I hear in response is, ‘oh, they’re good, mom.’ And I respond, ‘I know, I know… ‘

Happy Gardening Everyone,

Alex, Soph & Mom

P.S. That picture up there, that’s our first tomato of the season 😀

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