Kids in the Kitchen: Halloween Grave Cake

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

You might be surprised to find out you can buy severed limbs online–I was. Seriously! I found fingers, hands, feet, even hearts and intestines. There is every body part imaginable, and they’re priced so reasonably you can pick one up for next to nothing. They’re fake, of course, 😉 But they do provide a great opportunity for fun Halloween baking with the kids.

Glancing through the myriad of stores selling these polyurethane gems the other day I thought about how fun it would be to put one into play and see what happened. Remember the old zombie movies with the hand reaching up from the grave for an attempt at something that was supposed to resemble life? Well, why not make a cake like that for a Halloween party!

Gather kids, two 9×11 cake pans (one will work in a pinch), your favorite cake recipe, chocolate icing, a bag of gummy worms and, of course, ‘The Hand.’ You might also want a bit of rolled fondant, a dedicated liner brush and alcohol-based food coloring. Let the kiddies help you mix the cake, grease and flour the pans, pour the cake batter and bake. (Don’t forget to lick the bowl—it’s a must, of course!) Once the cake is done and cooled, the fun begins.

If you made two cakes, place them together to make a long sheet cake measuring 9×22. Measure the base of the hand (around the wrist) and, with a spoon, dig a hole in the lower quarter of one of the cakes. (If you’re only using one cake, put the hole close to the middle.) Put the cake crumbs from the hole in a bowl and set aside. Let the kids place a dollop of icing in the bottom of the hole and carefully put the hand inside. Secure it, if needed, with more icing and then it’s time to ice the cake(s). We recommend green frosting for a graveyard –like grassy look. When done, have the children crumble the extra cake on the top to make ‘dirt’ and lay the gummy worms around. They can push portions of the worms into the cake by making a small opening with the handle of a spoon and the shoving part of a worm into it. If the fingers of your zombie hand allow, put a worm up there, too.

For the ‘grave stone’, you can use some rolled fondant to make a rectangular grave marker. Add a humorous epitaph using, a liner paintbrush (dedicated to the kitchen, please!) and alcohol-based food coloring. Kids will enjoy making up something clever and writing it on the fondant or you can Google ‘funny epitaphs’. Here are a couple we found:

Here lies a man named Zeke –
Second fastest gun in Cripple Creek

Here lies Les Moore.
Shot down by a forty-four.
No Les
No Moore

Place the grave stone at the head of the cake and you’re ready to enjoy your spooky treat!

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Alex, Sophia and Mom

P.S. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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