Kids in the Kitchen: Turkey Feathers, Feasting and Fondant

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Remember tracing your hand and turning it into a turkey for Thanksgiving decorations? I guess every American child who’s attended kindergarten or first-grad has done it. How about turning that handy turkey into the theme for this year’s decorations?

Begin by having each of your children make the legendary hand-turkey. Take it to the copy shop, or scan and print extra copies. Now, get ready to have some fun with your kids!

Turkey Cake
– Rolled fondant is a wonderful decorating material for cakes. Its pliable, dough-like consistency makes it more like working with a pie crust than with icing, but it tastes sweet and wonderful. Roll fondant out as directed (or make your own fondant). Let the kids place a piece of waxed paper on top, then place one of the turkey copies on top of that, taping it in place. (For multiple children, turkeys may overlap or stand in a row.) Kids can gently ‘trace’ their drawing onto the fondant. A dried pen or back-end of a spoon works great as a stylus. (Check after a couple of strokes to make sure they’re pressing hard enough, but not too hard.) Once the picture is transferred, remove waxed papers and let each child ‘paint’ their turkey with food coloring–we used gel food-coloring because water-based food coloring isn’t great for fondant. Carefully lift fondant and place on top of the cake, smoothing edges and sides. Let the kids put a row of candied corn around the bottom of the cake.

Cupcakes may be decorated to match, using just the turkey’s heads and dabs of color around the edges of the fondant icing ring.

Placemats – Let kids print their turkey onto printer paper, mount on 11×14” piece of coordinating colored paper and laminate each placemat.

Invitations – Use the same turkeys to make place cards or invitations, overlapping the drawings to put them all on a single invitation or putting a single bird on each.

Tee-Shirts can be made of the turkey-birds by printing them onto tee shirt transfers ahead of time. Make sure to make a shirt for grandparents and have the artist sign their original design.

Hang the original artwork in a prominent place around the dining room. A collection of each child’s turkeys, simply matted and hung, looks wonderful.

Imagine the pride your little ones will feel as they look around and see the family feast adorned by their original artwork. Alex and Soph get it all year long, mainly because they are my personal decorators ;P

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Alex, Sophia and Kelly

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