Winter Wonderland at the Appleton Holiday Craft Fair

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

So on Friday, December 10, this die-hard Minnesotan know it was gonna snow on Saturday. When my boyfriend asked me if he thought we might want to leave for the craft show on Friday instead of Saturday, I thought, why? It’s just gonna be a little snow…I can drive in snow. Then on Friday morning, my mom’s husband called me and wondered if we were coming on Friday because of the snow. My feelings hadn’t changed, but I told him I’d check the weather sites and let them know. Then my ex-husband called and asked if I was leaving on Friday and informed me that I wouldn’t make it if I left on Saturday–My ex-husband would’ve actually enjoyed it if I had gotten stuck in a snow bank somewhere in the plains of western Minnesota. I know I should trust those who actually care about me more than someone who would take joy in my struggle, but once the ex called, I knew we better leave on Friday, and so we did.

The craft show was on Sunday, so coming on Friday meant a whole extra day in the sleepy town, sans kiddies (they were at their dads). We woke up on Saturday to a blizzard. Along with my boyfriend, mom and step-dad, we did manage to trudge our way down three blustery blocks to the local cafe for some breakfast (yep, they were open :D). The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the show on Sunday between rounds of Scrabble Flash
–(side note: this game is seriously addictive and fun…my boyfriend ordered one while we were there and will probably be happily playing it in a couple of days in the comfort of his own home. I think my kids would love it, too, great for family game night).

This brings us to the real purpose of this post, the craft show! It was sooo fun! I guess part of it, for me, was being back in my hometown, but I also love sharing our fondness for cooking and the awesome Curious Chef products we promote. My boyfriend filled in for Alex and Soph, helping booth visitors make either a 3 Bean Soup, or Russian Tea, ‘Gifts in a Jar‘. And, lots of lucky boys and girls will be receiving a Curious Chef kit of one sort or the other this Christmas–the Cookie, Measure and Prep and Cupcake Kits were the hot purchases of the day.

Oh, and we just started offering Barbara Beery’s line of Princess Cookbooks (which are going in our Online Shop as you read this). We offered one as a give-away in a booth drawing and a couple will be under Christmas tree’s in western MN soon 😀 The winner of the drawing for the Spa Princess Cookbook was….drumroll…Tammy Hennen!!! Her cookbook will be in the mail this week and we thank her, and everyone stopped by our booth!

The kids and I are looking forward to visiting more locations around the state of Minnesota next year and spreading our enthusiasm for getting the whole family in the kitchen together. I’m working on our travel calendar for next year in the coming weeks and will be sure to let you all know where we’ll be.

In the mean time, have a fun holiday season, filled with lots of family-time and delicious food!

Happy Family Cooking Everyone,

Alex, Sophia and Kelly

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