2 Kids Cooking TV: Hot Dogs for ‘Cold Lunch’

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

So this year, Alex has decided that school food should not be eaten. I can’t say I blame him 100%…we all know that it is not the tastiest, or the healthiest. I always liked school lunch growing up. I think part of it was because I grew up on home grown veggies and home-cooked food. The preservative-filled, processed food we got at school was an unknown and fun flavor adventure for me. I do happen to be one of those people that does and always has eaten pretty much everything, though.

Anyway, because of this new found disdain for ‘hot lunch’, during our weeks together Alex makes sure that he gets ‘cold lunch’ nearly everyday. After awhile the standard sandwiches get a bit boring though, so lately we’ve been figuring out ways that we can change it up a bit. And, since Alex is a picky eater (picky when it comes raw veggies and the lunch possibilities they provide, anyway), it can be challenging. One idea that has been fairly successful, however, is hot dogs. I realize they are not the epitome of health, but they do contain protein and he likes them. With our method, they don’t remain extremely hot (I guess it depends on the thermos), but Alex likes ’em just the same, so we’re demonstrating our method for preparing a Hot Dog ‘Cold’ School Lunch.

Enjoy the show and Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Alex, Soph and Mom

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