Kids in the Kitchen: Curious Chef 8 Pc Cookie Kit Review

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

One of the easiest ways to get the kids in the kitchen together to have some fun is family baking time.
Curious Chef 8-pc. Gift Event Kits Cookie Kit
can help facilitate this activity and today, Alex, Soph and I share our first hand thoughts on the kit.

When you open the box for this set you’ll find two cookie cutters, ours were a butterfly and a bear. There’s also a non-stick rolling pin, a cookie turner, a silicone mixing spoon and a whisk. Plus, as in most of their kits, there’s a bonus sticker set and shopping menu. When we tested it out, we used the recipe on back of box, which isn’t bad, so you might want to write that one down too, before recycling it.

In addition to helping liven-up a Saturday family baking afternoon, this kit is perfect play-date activity for your petite chef & their guest. Sophie always wants to bake something when friends are coming over, and having the custom, kid-sized tools for the job makes everyone feel special.

The tools included in the kit are great for kids as young as 3, although even a younger child with a knack for stirring would have fun with the spoon and whisk! 😀 The non-stick rolling pin is one of my personal favorites, not just for it’s non-stick feature, but because I can just throw them in the dishwasher after use. We actually have two of them–one for Alex and one for Soph.

I’ll have to say, with the exception of the cookie cutters, we use pretty much every one of the tools included in this kit on a regular basis. The rolling pin is good for fresh pasta and pizza dough–play dough too! We use the whisk for beating eggs or mixing dry ingredients and the spoon is almost like a spoon-spatula, great for scraping every last bit out of a container. We even use the cookie turner for flipping tuna burgers and fried eggs. Honestly, the least used item in the kit is the cookie cutters, but when we make cookies, they work perfectly–nice and large so the dough doesn’t stick in them. To see this kit in action, you can check out our Rollout Sugar Cookie episode of 2 Kids Cooking TV (also included above).

If seeing the Cookie Kit working its magic in the hands of my little chef’s inspires you, you can get your little chef his or her very own, you can get a
Curious Chef 8-pc. Cookie Kit
, right here.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Alex, Soph and Mom

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