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Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

With the arrival of 2011 comes another year’s worth of goals and resolutions. This year I decided to get the kids involved in my annual goal setting. We categorized our goals into 6 main topic areas plus one for ‘stuff’, or things that are acquisition based, not really goals. They are as follows:

1. Health/Physical Activity Goals
– Just as the name indicates, these goals are related to keeping the kids and I moving and eating healthily.

Eat healthier – Cut back on sugar intake–this one is pretty much for the kids. I also want to focus on quality of food purchases–this one is for me, budget concerns often have my focusing on cost over quality. Most of what we purchase is ‘real’ food already (not boxed or pre-packaged, but after reading ‘The End of Food’ by Paul Roberts, I feel a need to make a stronger effort at supporting organic, locally grown food.

Football (Alex) – Alex is already in baseball, but most of his extra-curricular’s are academic, not athletic. Although the thought of football makes me a bit nervous because of possible injury, I’ll let him try out and support him at whatever level they put him in in 7th grade.

Gymnastics (Soph) – Soph has taken dance in the past and currently is taking guitar lessons, but she wants to take gymnastics too, and I think it’s reasonable. She actually gets a lot of physical activity, it’s just her personality, but organized activities aren’t bad from time to time.

Weight Training (Mom) – I have been weight training since about August of 2010. I’m going to continue and focus on dropping fat and the building muscle. I’ve taken a break over the holidays, just maintaining, but January brings me back to training in full-force.

Martial Arts (Family) – When Alex was younger, he took Tae Kwon Do lessons. He was a second level green belt, but decided to quit and do baseball instead (he self restricts extra-curricular activities because he likes is ‘free-time’–I honestly don’t mind because I’m a homebody by nature). I’m hoping by this summer or fall we might be able to swing family Tae Kwon Do lessons. I’ve always wanted to try a martial art, and Tae Kwon Do is good for flexibility and strength, not to mention self-defense.

2. Travel – My son thinks that he’s an abused child because at the age of 12 he’s never flown in an airplane. Since my first commercial flight occured at the age of 19, and because, REALLY? Needless to say I do not pity his deprived life, but, We do have some travel related goals that involve the possibility of flight. The local one–MN Zoo– will be a for sure, the others are being timelined out as ‘Long-Term’ goals.

  • MN Zoo
  • Fly anywhere
  • Disney World
  • France
  • Antarctica
  • Some place Tropical

3. Personal Development – Expanding skills and/or achieving personal goals is always important. Here are some of the this we’d like to focus on this year:

More organized – I have an method of organization, but I need to revisit it. We all like to keep things we don’t necessarily need. The kids also need to be reminded to put things where they belong when they’re finished with them so they can be found in the future

Guitar (Soph) – As previously mentioned, Soph already plays the guitar, but she will continue and practice to improve her skills.

Honors Band (Alex) – Alex plays the trumpet and wants to be in Honors band. He’s well on his way, practicing nearly everyday.

State FPS (Alex) – ‘FPS’ stands for ‘Future Problem Solvers’ and this is his second year. Last year his team did not make it to state, but this year they are working hard with hopes of making it.

Cooking Class (Mom & Soph) – I am not a professional chef…but as you know, we love cooking. Taking a class will help us further develop our cooking skills and knowledge AND inspire us so we can share more family cooking ideas with you!

4.  Business – My ultimate goal is to be able to quit my day job and become self-employed. In order to help me grow my business, there are a few things I need to do to help:

Business Mentor – I’d like to find a mentor that will help me and provide advice to allow me to grow my business.

Develop Professional Relationships – Get involved in organizations and with other business owners for mutual support.

Build Profitability – In order to become self-employed, profits will have to move into the black. I’m continuing to find the balance of income streams that will support my budget goals.

Develop Product for site – In addition to selling the family cooking products we love to use ourselves, we’re in the process of developing some products of our own. Our products will support families spend quality time together in the kitchen.

Build Tribe – I working hard to share our message about getting families together, spending quality time in the kitchen. The more families we can help, the better.

Baker – (Soph) – Soph has along term goal of becoming a baker. As her mom, I’ll be sure to support her and make sure we’re baking stuff regularly.

Sell artwork – (Soph) – Soph is also a budding artist with dreams of selling her artwork. I have some ideas to help her…maybe her own etsy site? We’ll see…

5. Relationships/Family – Family and friends are important parts of everyone’s lives. I tend to be a bit of a hermit. I would be fine not leaving my apartment at all, but I realize that is not healthy, so, this year we’re going to focus on the following:

Having more Sleepovers (Soph & Alex) – Having friends over is fun, and even though it can cause some extra work on my end, we’re gonna try and get the kids friends over more frequently this year.

See Friends More (Mom) – As I mentioned, I’m a hermit. This is not conducive to keeping in touch with friends. This fact, along with busy lives, means I don’t see my friends very often. I’m going to start scheduling monthly get-togethers and who ever makes it, makes it. We’ll see how that goes.

Volunteer more – I already do meals on wheels, but I’d like to do more and get the kids involved as well.

Get a kitten – This will not happen until we have a house. Two cats in an apartment is not ideal, plus, I’m not home much when the kids aren’t here and kittens need lots of attention. Plus, I’m thinking Snoopers, our 16 year old cat might find a kitten less than desirable.

Family Activities – We already do some of these, but we want to make sure to keep them on the schedule and tr some new things too:

  • Bowling
  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • More crafts
  • Gardening

6. Financial – Our budget is tight due to debt accumulated from the divorce. Staying on budget is essential if we’re going to find our way out of debt.

  • Debt Free (mom)
  • Save more $ (all)

7. ‘Stuff’ – These are a few things we want…we’ll see how finances are this year and budget for them as we can:

  • Laptop (Alex)
  • Notebook computer (Mom)
  • iPod (Soph)
  • Video Equipment upgrade for show
  • House (rent vs. own)
  • Own room (Soph)

And there you have it, the Two Kids Cooking 2011 family goals. We’re excited to get started and hope you’re looking forward to the new year as much as we are.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Alex, Soph and Mom

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