Thoughts from the Mom: Valentines Day 2011

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Alex, Mom and Sophia - 2 Kids CookingThis year on Valentines day my love bugs will be at their dad’s. That means our family love fest will be happening this weekend. We haven’t decided exactly what we’re going to do yet, but part the the days festivities will involve cooking–big surprise there, I know ;D

We’ll probably start the planning tomorrow, figuring out the menu, deciding who will make what and figuring out various ways to make the food heart-shaped. Sophia will want to decorate to make sure everything is on-theme for Valentines day. Alex will get creative with ingredients, figuring out what herb or spice will be just perfect. They’ll both have several ideas for dessert 😀

And, I, the mom, will cherish every minute, from shopping for the food, preparing the meal and eating the dessert. Even though I will not be with my mini-loves on the day of love, I will take the time I have with them and we will celebrate our way–together.

Happy family cooking AND Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Alex, Sophia and Kelly

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