Two Kids Cooking TV: Starting Seeds Early

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

This week’s episode was taped the first week of March 2011…as you see, there was still snow on the ground in Appleton, MN. Today, though, in the great northern state of Minnesota it was a beautiful day…I think it got up to about 60 degrees and we got outside to the park and had some fun. We Minnesotans however, do not let this weather fool us; even though it’s slight, there is still a possibility of snow. If we were going to plant our seeds directly outside, we’d wait til a safe mid-May. But, weather like this makes those of us who’ve been trapped indoors for months longing to get our hand dirty outside and plant some seeds!

Actually, by March, we’re all ready for the snow to leave and spring to start. Grandma helped us out this year and brought spring to us a little early this year by sharing this seed starting method she discovered with us. With her neighbors, Maddie and Will; Alex, Soph and Grandma share our attempt at early seed starting. Grandma says they haven’t sprouted yet, but we’ll update when we hear if our experiment was a success–either way, we had lots of fun with our winter gardening 😀

We hope you get out there and get your hands dirty, growing some herbs or veggies you can cook together when they’re all ready.

Happy Family Gardening Everyone!

Alex, Sophia and Mom


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