Breakfast–Do Your Kids Eat It?

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

So, the reason I’m asking and pondering on this question is because Amy over at one of our favorite family foods sites, Super Healthy Kids, posted a question on Facebook about kids and breakfast. It got me thinking about how Alex doesn’t like to eat breakfast and how Sophie does, but her preferred breakfast is pancakes, which to me is like starting the day with a sugar fix. I usually am able to convince Alex to eat something—berries with half & half, toast with jelly, pudding, something. Sophia always eats breakfast, but sometimes getting her mind off of pancakes or sneaking a ‘breakfast cookie’ can be a challenge.

How am I meeting this challenge?

Well, with Alex (age 12), knowledge is power. Although he doesn’t always believe my claims of breakfast being good for you, or that eating breakfast helps you learn and that people who eat breakfast are generally leaner, if I have him read these facts from other respected sources (i.e. not mom) he will usually decide I must have a point. When he does eat breakfast, his favorites are blueberries, bananas with half and half, and toast with jelly.

With Sophia (age 8 ) we have a daily routine. She asks what we have, I tell her, she claims she doesn’t like any of it and asks for cake, or cookie–any dessert item that is clearly not breakfast. I then proceed to tell her no and she usually ends up eating a cheese stick, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, toast or fruit of some sort.

I guess most of the time they both end up with something half-way healthy in their bellies each morning. I admit, however, there are busy days when a 1/2 a cheese stick and a cookie end up being what Soph calls breakfast while Alex has chocolate pudding cup. We’re still a breakfast work in progress.

How about you, what do your kids eat for breakfast? Please let us know with a comment!

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