Busy Families, Dinner & Menu Planning: Do You Plan, or Spontaneouslly Cook?

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

I go through stages of efficiency. Some weeks I am like Super Mom, everything organized, menu’s planned, to-dos written and sorted by day with contingency plans. Some weeks I am not. Whether or not I am super mom or unorganized mom for the week, though, doesn’t change the fact that we must eat dinner every night.

When we have a plan for the week, Alex and Soph have usually picked out one or two of the menu items and are excited to help cook and eat dinner. Our menu plans are sometimes detailed with a specific meal for each day of the week. Other times they are more focused around after-school activities and what days we’ll have time to cook and eat together. Then there are those times when we just open the cupboards and figure out supper on the fly.

Spontaneous cooking is fun for me. I love taking ingredients I have on hand and figuring out the best way to put them together. I usually do this kind of cooking without the assistance of the kids, mainly because I’m not always sure what I’m cooking and how they can help. Sophia has started assisting once in a while when I am ‘inventing’ and Alex likes to experiment with various types of recipes by himself, too. I guess all that ‘cooking by the book’ they do when following recipes with me is influencing them to venture out on there own–which, as a mom, makes me smile 😀

What about you, do you do a weekly menu plan that includes family cooking time? Or do you prefer spontaneous cooking? Let us know with a comment!

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