Kids Halloween Recipe: Martian Mallows

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Today we just want to share a recipe that we recently tried from one of our favorite Party Supply sites – Birthday in a Box! We actually demonstrate the recipe in our October 15th Halloween episode, but we wanted to let you know about it early cuz it’s perfect for the upcoming holiday.

The recipe is called Martian Mallows,and from the picture with our results you can see why. Aren’t they adorable? Ours don’t look quite as fancy as the one’s at the Birthday In a Box site, but they were fun to make and eat.

My one recommendation for this recipe is this: if you can, use chocolate specially designed for melting and candy making. If you can’t find it, you’re probably going to have to add extra oil to your melted chocolate to get it to the right consistency. That’s what we had to do, but it turned out perfect.

Check out the recipe and let us know what you think with a comment!

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