Family Cooking: How Often Does Your Family Do Special Food Nights?

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Special family food nights for us range from a picnic dinner at the pool, to movie nights, to eating on the ‘fancy’ plates by candlelight. The kids and I will pick a night–during the school year, it’s usually a Friday–and then pick a menu. It’s my job to make sure we have all the ingredients and then on ‘the day’ we get home and start prepping food and cooking.

The ‘prepping food and cooking’ isn’t just a precursor to our family nights though, it’s part of them. Sometimes it’s the most fun part. While we prepare our meal together we talk, goof around, get excited about the presentation and taste—lots of tasting most of the time. Many of the ‘remember when’s’ we talk about later come from the time we spend together preparing for the actual event. Don’t they say life is about the journey, not the destination…

I have to admit though, lately we have not been doing our special family food nights. It’s not because we’ve been overwhelmingly busy with school activities either, I’ve just been working too much on other things. It’s time to refocus. The kids and I are going to work on having a special family food night at a minimum of one night a month, ideally two (the kids are only with me every other week, so every week they’re with me, we’ll try to do a special family food night). I think this might be something we need accountability for too, just like the veggie variety goal. We’ll be facebooking and tweeting how successful we are 😀

What about your family, do you do special family food nights? Share with a comment!

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