Kids and Food: Repetitive Trying for ‘Picky’ Eaters

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

"I don’t like that!"

I’ve heard it too many times. My response is always, "take one bite, you have to try it." Then I go on to explain that as you grow, your tastes change and you might like it this time, even if you didn’t last time. I’m not sure they listen to the part after ‘you have to try it,’ but I keep on restating it every time I hear an ‘I don’t like it.’

The thing is, now that Alex is nearly 13, I’m starting to see the results of my repetition. He’s actually starting to say things like, "Wow, this is good." And then continue eating it and ask for more! Things like corn chowder and Swiss cheese, even sardines (which this mom loves)…Big smile for mom 😀 OK, I am still working on a some vegetables, but this is a great start.

I admit it though, I tend to be a pleaser. By that I mean if I’m making something, like say spaghetti, and I know one of the kids might not like part of the meal, say the marinara, I’ll make an extra veggie to make sure they get all their veggies for the day. I still make them taste the food that offends them, but I do make the extra food. I’m sure this probably isn’t what I should be doing, but I do it.

What about you, do you make your kids taste foods every time, even if you know they don’t like it? Do you cook extra food in case they don’t like something? Please share with comment…

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