Review of Curious Chef Kids Cooking Tools

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Curious Chef is a collection of kids cooking tools that are specifically designed and sized for small hands–and we love ’em. They are easy to grip and made for safety and fun. Even the cutlery is plastic and nylon, with blunt tips for safety. The collection of tools available is extensive, with nearly everything a mini-sous-chef might need!

We’ve tried out many of Curious Chef’s different kinds of kids cooking kits and individual cooking tools–from Sundae Sleepover kits and Cupcake Kits to Veggie Prep and Cutlery kits. You can see a few of these custom kids cooking tools in action by watching the reviews we’ve done on individual products:

These custom designed kids cooking tools are a must-have for every aspiring young chef or for any kids who loves cooking really. If your child likes to help prepare veggies, there’s the Veggie Prep kit; if they prefer baking, there’s the Cupcake or Cookie Kit; or, if ice cream sundaes are their specialty, then there’s the Ice Cream Sundae kit. With all of the kids cooking tools Curious Chef has to choose from, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect cooking tools for your kids who love spending time in the kitchen with you.

Sophia loves the knives from the cutlery set and so do I. When she’s helping cut things, I can be sure she won’t injure herself, even if I have to check something at the stove. Alex like the whisks and spatula’s for when he’s experimenting making carmel and frosting. One of our favorites is the cupcake kit with the frosting decorator and all the tips for making super beautiful cupcake creations. 😀

Right now, the only downside to Curious Chef Kids Cooking Tools are that if you have more than one kid, you better make sure to have two of each cooking tool!

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