Two Kids Cooking TV: Martian Mallows from Birthday in a Box!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Today, Alex, Sophia demonstrate a recipe that we recently tried from one of our favorite Party Supply sites – Birthday in a Box! We posted and shared a link to it a couple of weeks ago, though, because we were so excited.

Martian Mallows,are super sweet and super cute white chocolate covered marshmallows all decorated up to look, well, alienish!  Aren’t they adorable? Ours don’t look quite as fancy as the one’s at the Birthday In a Box site, but they were fun to make and eat.

I suggested this on the post where we shared the recipe as well, but my one recommendation when making these is this: if you can, use chocolate specially designed for melting and candy making. Tempering chocolate is just not easy. If you can’t find pre-tempered chocolate, you’re probably going to have to add extra oil to your melted chocolate to get it to the right consistency. That’s what we had to do, but it turned out perfect.

You can find the recipe here.

Enjoy the show and remember to spread the word, forward a link to you friends!

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