A Review of Barbara Beery’s Cookbooks

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Today we’re going to share our thoughts on six of Barbara Beery’s Cook Books. All of the books are filled with beautiful photographs of recipes that fit the theme of the book. The layout and design, as you can see from the photo, are very girl-centric and part of the appeal of the books.

The recipes range from baked and sweet to savory and sandwich-y and they are all on theme with the title of the book they appear in. Here are some highlights from each:

Spa Princess Cookbook: Time at the spa means relaxing spa treatments along with delicious spa treats. That is exactly what this book provides. In addition to the various smoothies, drinks and snacks, there’s an entire section for food-based (non-edible) spa treatments!

Pink Princess Cupcakes: This is a cupcake book, filled with cupcakes, all of them with princess flair. The first 12 page of the book contain Baking Tips, five basic cupcake recipes and several frosting recipes. The rest of the pages provide decorating information for the different kinds of cupcake cuteness.

Pink Princess Tea Parties: For a tea party, you need beverages and snacks, and that is just what you’ll find in this cookbook. Lots of sugary cookies, cakes and snacks, and a sandwich section with a few non-sweet treats.

Pink Ponies Cookbook: A few savory recipes are interspersed amongst all the sugary delights in this pony themed recipe collection. Unicorn Punch, Winner’s Circle Donuts and Pony Pops Cupcakes are a few of the concoctions you’ll find.

Fairies Cookbook:
Magically sweet baked goods fill the pages of this cookbook. You’ll be sure to find the perfect Sparkly cookie, colorful beverage or frosted cupcakes in this Fairy Cookbook.

Mermaid Cookbook: This book overflows with sea-themed treats—Lots of fruit and yogurts, beach-y sandwiches, cool iced drinks; plus, some topical snacks and desserts.

As I previously mentioned, all of these books are, for lack of a better term, ‘girly’ and the majority of the recipes in each are baking-centric, sugary treats. These books are for girls who love sparkles, pastels, princesses and enjoy making pretty, sweet delights—Girls like my Sophia ;D
We own all of these books and Sophia loves them. She will browse through them for hours, planning what we’re going to try. At this point, we’ve only made a few of the recipes from the Spa Princess and Pink Ponies books, mainly because we just cannot eat that much sugar. 😀

The recipes we’ve tried include: Marshmallow Cloud Fluff, Fairy Dust Lollipops, and Little Ponytail Puffs, and the Sweet Princess Sugar Scrub. Each was simple enough that there was something for any level of kid cook to help with—Mixing, cutting, spreading, decorating and compiling. All of the recipes are adorable with beautiful layout and photos, adding to the charm of these books.

The biggest downside to these books, in my opinion, is that nearly all of the recipes are sweet. Now, they are specialty cookbooks, and I am not a huge lover of sugary things, so that may be clouding my opinion. But, if you’re looking for healthy recipes, these are not the books to get.

For more information on Barbara Beery and all of her cookbooks, and to read more reviews, check out the Barbara Beery page on Amazon.com.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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