Gifts from the Kitchen: Preserving and Sharing Family Recipes

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

In the picture that accompanies this post, you see a letter from my dad, Alex and Soph’s Grandpa. It contains two recipes, one is a family recipe from his childhood the other a ‘tasty dip’ recipe that he thought we’d like. My dad sends letters the old fashioned way, ink on paper written in meticulous cursive–He doesn’t have a computer or use email or the internet. We like getting stuff in the mail–especially when they it includes family recipes.

Whenever I get a recipe that family members have passed on to me, it is usually accompanied with a story about who always made it, what time of year it was prepared and memories of how it tasted. I take those recipes and tuck them into the recipe book that my mom gave me when I was in college. It’s one of those small three-ring binder recipe books with blank recipe card-like pages, ready to be filled with ingredients and instructions. When she gave it to me, it had a few of our families favorite recipes already hand-written in it. And now, I continue to add to it.

Currently, these family recipes are not in a very organized state, just pieces of paper, stuffed into the binder. Lately I’ve been thinking of other ways to preserve these recipes and pass them on to my kids and other family members. Here is what my time thinking has lead me to:

1) I’m going to go through my binder of collected recipes, organize and write down my memories of each.
2) Next, I’ll ask family members to supply additional recipes and memories the memories that go with them.
3) Then, I’ll find appropriate family photos to go with each recipe and ask family members for additional photos as necessary.
4) Finally, I’ll compile the recipes and photos into a cookbook using

Once the book is complete, I’ll order copies and give them as gifts to my kids and the rest of my family. I hope I have time to get this done before Christmas, these kinds of gifts are always my favorite to give and receive.

Happy Family Recipe Compiling Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

P.S. Please share ways you preserve your family recipes with a comment.

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