Kids Cooking Recipe Book Review: Teen Cuisine by Matthew Locricchio

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

First off, or disclosure’s sake, I’m going to let you know that we did not buy Teen Cuisine, we won it in a drawing from, and we’re certainly glad! It’s 200+ pages of recipes, information and tips, all aimed at the young, learning chef. The recipes included are a step-up from basic in complexity and flavor.

This cook book is perfect for a pre-teen, teen or young adult who is looking for a way to fancy up their cooking repertoire and learn a few things in the process. Although a younger child could, with assistance, prepare some of these recipes, they are designed for cook with a bit of experience under their belt.

Two of my favorite sections of this book are the Kitchen Essentials and Kitchen Equipment and Utensils sections. The Kitchen Essentials contains a list of ingredients that are used in the recipes throughout the book. It provides a brief description of each item, including the less familiar ones like Spelt Flour, Tomatillos and Chervil. The Kitchen Equipment and Utensils section, as the name indicates, is a list of lots of cool kitchen stuff. The list includes basic essentials, like Baking Sheets and Spatulas, along with a few specialty items, like a Fondue Pot and Juicer.

The kids and I have tried a couple of the recipes from the book: Crisp Oven Fries and Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich. We’ve actually made the fries more than a few times cuz they’re so good—seriously tasty OVEN-BAKED fries, totally true. We’re planning on posting more on both of these recipes, but for now, we’ll just say we liked ‘em.

If you have a super picky eater—and hence, a super picky teen-chef on your hands—the recipes in this book might be a bit adventurous for them. These recipes are for a palette that likes variety, or at the very least, to try new foods. But, the book might also inspire them to become a bit more daring in their food selection and get them to branch out, you never know.

To see more reviews or get yourself a copy, check it out a

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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