Kids Cooking Recipe Try-It: Teen Cuisine’s Grilled Cheese

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Teen Cuisine - Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich IngredientsToday we’re sharing our experience and thoughts on one of the recipes from the cookbook, Teen Cuisine by Matthew Locricchio. You might have seen our review of the cookbook, and we wanted to share our experience with a couple of the recipes, so we’re starting with this one: Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The reason we decided to try this recipe was less about the grilled cheese and more about how it is made. The ingredients are basic, but you’ll notice in the ingredients picture there’s milk; That’s not the only not-so-ordinary thing about this grilled cheese.

Here are some of the things that make this sandwich a bit different:

    • The crust is removed from the bread
    • The cheese is made into a filling by grating it and combining it with milk
    • The bread is brushed with melted butter on the outsides

Teen Cuisine - Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Alex cuts crusts off bread Teen Cuisine - Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Soph spreads melted butterTeen Cuisine - Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Alex mixes cheese fillingTeen Cuisine - Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Soph adds cheese filling

How do these differences affect the sandwich? Well, they were still basically grilled cheese sandwiches. The cheese might have seemed a bit creamier and the kids loved the removal of the crust. They were very good, but taste wise, they were fairly ordinary. However, their not-so-ordinary preparation made cooking them a little more fun that the basic grilled cheese sandwich.

Teen Cuisine - Not-An-Ordinary Grilled Cheese Sandwich.While Sophia grated the cheese, Alex removed bread crusts and I got the pan ready. Then Sophia melted butter while Alex prepared the cheese filling. We had fun making them–much more fun than just slapping a slice of cheese on some bread, buttering the outside and throwing it in a pan.

Another extra-ordinary thing about this these grilled cheeses—they look fancy. It’s probably the crust removal, and knowing that the cheese was more than just cheese, but we felt fancy eating them 😀

If you’d like more of our thoughts on this cookbook, check out our Teen Cuisine Cookbook Review. You can also learn more about it at

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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