Cooking Activities for Kids: Family Time in the New Year

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

If you like cooking, you probably like cooking with your kids. Cookies, pizza, meatballs and snacks are some of our old stand-by’s, but sometimes spicing up  the recipe or kitchen activity requires outside influence. For us, that means one of three things is going to happen:

1. Cook Book Searching – When Alex and Soph get bored and a hunger for that elusive ‘something’ sets in, one of the first places they head to is our book shelf, filled with various cookbooks. Alex also refers to online sources, but for the most part, our cookbook shelves are the first choice for cooking activity research.

Sophia usually heads for books that contain sweets. Her favorite books for browsing include Mrs. Fields Cookie Cookbook and any of the Barbara Beery Princess Cookbooks (particularly the Pink Princess Cupcake Cookbook).

For Alex, it depends on his mood. Lately, his favorite book for the non-sweet has been Teen Cuisine by Matthew Locricchio. And, just like Soph, Mrs. Fields Cookie Cookbook is a favorite as well.

2. Let’s Try Mixing Stuff Together – the kids are both big fans of science, especially science experiments. I try to keep baking soda and vinegar on hand at all times, just because it provides a quick ‘kitchen science fix’…although it never stops there. So, this mom decided to step in and organize these ‘mixing’ sessions.

The first thing I did was get online and do a bit of research. I found some websites and a few books, here’s a list of the resources I found and that we refer to:

Science Experiments You Can Eat: Revised Edition
Kids Food Science Experiments
The Accidental Scientist: The Science of Cooking
A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling (and search food)

3. Kids Cooking Club & Kids Cooking Lessons– Another option we might choose when we need some fun that isn’t in our standard repertoire is a recipe from the Kids Cooking Club. We’ve only been members since September, so we don’t have that many of the monthly recipes yet, but, each month has additional recipes and menus from their website and they’ve recently started a forum where visitors can learn and share (if you’re a member, stop by our page and say hi!)

We also have started working through Kids Cooking Activities eBook, ‘Kids Cooking Lessons.’ It’s 67 pages of recipes, lessons, activities, glossaries and certificates for kids ages  6 to 18. It’s divided into age-based sections – Assistant Chef, ages 3 to 6; Chef-In-Training, ages 7 to 11; Junior Chef, ages 12 to 15; and Senior Chef, ages 16 to 18. Each section contains 13 lessons and is packed with great information that facilitates kitchen fun and learning.

Sooo, if you and your kids get that urge to venture into new territory and try something different in the kitchen for the New Year, maybe one of our methods will help you find the perfect activity or recipe to scratch that itch.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone,

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

P.S. You can find more cook books we like in the ‘Kids Cooking Recipe Books‘ section!


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