Gifts from the Kitchen: Recipe Books

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

If you saw our Gift Guide, you might already know this, but a gift that I’ve cherished over the years is a recipe book that I got from my Mom when I left home (the one in the picture, that’s the one). In addition to blank pages with dividers for Main Courses, Appetizers, Desserts, etc…It had some of our favorite family recipes included, hand-written in by my Mom.  I’ll tell you, when my ex-husband and I first started living together, we used those recipes in heavy rotation.  Even though I’ve always like to cook, not using a recipe isn’t something I did very often in my ‘early years’. For me now though, recipes are merely guides, serving as a structure that can be tweaked and customized for my mood (or for the finickiness of my kids :-D).

There are lots of different kinds of recipe books you can give, from bound with blank pages, to binders filled with plastic recipe card holders.  You can go as plain or fancy as you want, even personalized recipe books, with the recipients name. I personally like the binder style with blank pages and pocket dividers, because I frequently print out recipes or ideas from online or tear them out of magazines; And, I have many recipes jotted on envelopes or miscellaneous paper that I wrote down while out. I’ve been known to also use old 3-ring binders with pocket folders to hold loose recipes. This works, but recipe binders are more appropriate for the job, and much cuter 😀

Another fancier way to go is to put together a photo recipe book at a site like  They have several styles of recipe book templates and their user interface for creating the books makes it super simple.  I really want to do this for my family–gather favorite recipes from family members and including them, along with pictures and blank pages and note areas for recipients to add new recipes and thoughts. Isn’t this a great way to pass on family food traditions? Plus, the great thing about, once you’re done with your book, you can order and give as many as you want AND send the link out for others to order more!

Food brings people together. There are many ways to share food, and recipes are one of those ways. Giving the gift of a recipe book, filled with recipes is a unique way to share a ‘meal’ with a friend and let them know they are special.

Happy Holiday Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

P.S.  Do you have any ‘Gift from the Kitchen’ ideas you can share? Please do, with a comment below!

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