Kids Cooking Recipe Try-It: Teen Cuisine’s Crisp Oven Fries

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

We’ve previously shared our thoughts and experience with Teen Cuisine by Matthew Locricchio, and today we’re going to share some more. This time we’re going let you all know our thoughts on the Crisp Oven Fries.

Since trying this recipe the first time back in August, it’s become one of our favorites (Even on the weeks when the kids area at their dad’s my boyfriend and I have been know to whip up a batch).  The reason the kids and I wanted to try this one probably isn’t really a big surprise–we like french fries.  Plus, the frozen ones you get in the grocery store freezer section just never get crispy enough in the oven, and we don’t own a deep fryer.

Making the fries was pretty easy, Soph washed the potatoes, Alex cut them up, they both mixed up the spice mixture and tossed them in the oil. The biggest challenge with the recipe is baking the fries so they are perfect, you’ll want to watch them closely until you get the timing with your oven down so you don’t burn them.

As far as taste, they are delicious, BUT, cut back on the salt…they were way too salty the first time we tried ‘em. The spice mixture in the recipe is really good, but you could also change it up with your own combination. And as I mentioned, just don’t add as much salt as the recipe calls for, it’s too much for even this salt loving mom.

Overall, this is another fun recipe to prepare as a family that we’re sure you’d make again and again. You can find your own copy of Teen Cuisine at and other online bookstores.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

P.S. For our other thoughts on this book and its recipes, check out our cookbook review and our Grilled Cheese Try-It.

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