Kids Cooking Recipes: Holiday Recipe Recap

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

We’ve been doing shows and posting recipes and ‘stuff’ about Christmas for the last couple years. So, just like with Thanksgiving, we’ve decided to list them all out so you don’t miss ’em. With that, here you have ‘flashback post’ number 2:

Kids Cooking Christmas Recipes

Christmas Sandwiches with Veggies

Christmas Tree Cheese Ball

Ham & Cheese Breakfast Bake

Alex & Soph’s Perogies

New Orleans Bread Pudding

Kids in the Kitchen: Snowmen … er … Ghosts! (OK, this is a Halloween one, but we adapted it from a snowman, so can you! 😉 )

Holiday Recipes (Not Ours, but Delicious Looking)

Gifts from the Kitchen

Meal in a Basket

Cat & Dog Treat -Gifts for Pets

Gifts in a Jar

Gifts from the Kitchen: Preserving and Sharing Family Recipes

Gifts for Mini-Chefs

Kids Cooking Gifts: The Best Gifts for the Mini-Chef in Your Life

Two Kids Cooking Product Reviews

Happy Holiday Family Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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