Kids Cooking Review: Kids Cooking Lessons

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

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Kids Cooking Lessons is a 67 page eBook thae hs part of the Cooking & Learning Unit and is packed with recipes, lessons, activities, glossaries and certificates for kids ages 6 to 18. It’s divided into age-based sections – Assistant Chef, ages 3 to 6; Chef-In-Training, ages 7 to 11; Junior Chef, ages 12 to 15; and Senior Chef, ages 16 to 18. Each section contains 13 lessons that contain tasks for the age group, safety information, recipes, activities and a certificates of achievement for the level. The lessons are made for parent and child interaction, although at the Junior & Senior Level they more independent. Each of the recipe activities helps reinforce the skills for the lesson and, although the kids and I haven’t made all of them yet, they are fun to do together. There’s also a glossary of terms at that end, which is useful to help define various cooking terms and techniques you’ll be working through.

One of the main reasons I like these lessons is because, even though the kids and I cook a lot together, we can get into ruts sometimes, cooking the same things over and over. The lessons give us something new to try, plus, the structured format allows us to focus on a specific technique that we can use in our other cooking as well. Personally, I think it would be super cool if this book came out in hardcover, with areas for notes and places to add other recipes. Since it doesn’t, what we’ve done is printed it out, punched holes and put it in a three ring binder with blank note paper. We keep a couple other cooking related eBooks in the binder as well, so we have all our kitchen learning materials in one place.

For only $27, the Cooking & Learning Unit is an affordable way to inspire family cooking time with new ideas and techniques. It’s also great to use in a group setting, like a scouting or youth group or as part of a homeschooling curriculum. Even for kids who have spent some time in the kitchen (like Alex and Soph), the lessons are a fun way to practice. And, for young kids, or those with no experience, but who do express an interest in cooking, these lessons are a perfect way to get them started building up some culinary knowledge.

If you’re ready to organize and take your family cooking time to another level, order your families copy of Debbie Madson’s Cooking & Learning Unit today and get started!

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

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