Kids Cooking Games: All About Zis Boom Bah’s Challenges

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Last week we shared our thoughts on some of’s games.  Well, the site is more than just games. I has a Parent dashboard that lets you interact with your kids through their ‘Goals’ area. Since we parents must approve our children’s accounts with, we have the opportunity to have our own parent account that attaches to our kid’s accounts. This means that through the site you can assign daily, weekly and/or monthly challenge goals to each of your registered children. Once they’ve completed a goal, they get a reward that you set. The also receive points from Zis Boom Bah that they can use for various things on the site.

I have only one goal for Alex and Sophia right now–eating a minimum of 4 fruits and veggies a day for each week they are at my house. If they do, they get $5 at the end of the week. My challenge to them is food related, however, the goals can be related to any area you’d like to emphasize with your kids–homework, chores, reading, outdoor time, whatever you decide.

The reason I think it’s so cool is because the kids go in and visually track their status. It feels more like a goal instead of an rule because it’s not just a ‘mom-made’ chart on the fridge, it’s on a real website. Having the goal in writing also encourages us to talk about it regularly. For us that means every day after school I get a rundown on fruit and veggie consumption so we know where we’re at for the day before we eat dinner. It’s been fun watching them take an active roll in planning when and how they will get in their fruits and veggies instead of me just setting a rule.

Now Challenges and Games are not the only reasons to check out There is lots of fun and information out there for both kids and parents. We hope you check it out and if you do, please let us know your thoughts.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

P.S. Stop by Zis Boom Bah and check out Alex and Soph’s Chef Page!

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