Kids Cooking Games: What to Know About Zis Boom Bah’s Games

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Do your kids like to play games online? And, do they like to cook? If so, you should check out  It is filled with lots of information for kids who love cooking…including games! There’s really only two web-based games, but there are several printable games and activities for getting the kids away from the computer.

Pick Chow!
Pick Chow! is an online game that lets the players pick a plate and then build a meal. There are gauges measuring the Protein, Carbs, Fat and Fiber of the meal, as well as the Three S’s–sugar, saturated fat and sodium. With each item you add to the plate, the gauges move. The goal is to get them all in the green zone so you can pick a dessert. Playing the game earns the player points that they can use for the ‘Flip It’ section of the site.

Flip It!
Flip It! is sort of a way to keep track of what you’ve done on the site. You earn cards by doing other things on the site and then you get to flip them over, unlocking recipes, videos and more. It is technically a game, but I think it acts more like a progress indicator for what the player has done on the site.

Go Play!
In this section of the site, there are pictures of Indoor and Outdoor Activities for various kinds of weather. By clicking on the pictured activity, the player gets an overview of the game and rules on how to play it. It also lets the player print the activities rules so they have them on hand when they’re away from the computer.

There are also some printable activities and downloads available on the Dashboard, in the lower right corner.

Overall, the games and activities on the site are aimed at ages 7 to 11. However, the activities that shares information about are good for kids of all ages. Soph (age 8) likes the site more than Alex (age 13), but once we’ve got the rules for an activity printed and go play it, Alex will join in for sure.

I’m going to keep exploring the site and sharing thoughts…and hopefully get Soph and Alex to let us know their opinions, too!

We hope you go explore with your kids…let us know what you think with a comment once you do.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex & Sophia

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