Kid-Friendly Valentine Recipes from Around the Web

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

It’s February, and that means Valentines day…another candy-filled holiday for the kids. BUT, despite the pre-made, packaged treats out there, there are still lots of sweets and non-sweets with a love-oriented theme that you can make with your kids to celebrate the holiday of love.

Now, I’d like to say that we are brimming with unique and creative Valentine themed recipes for you, but we really only have the one 2 Kids Recipe–Banana Berry Valentine Trifle (which you can see we’ve kidified for you to make the preparation super easy for the whole family).

Despite our laziness in developing creative love-themed delicacies, there are still a few out there from others that we admire and are now on our ‘Try It!’ list. Here they are….

Healthy Valentines Day Recipe Double Chocolate Brownie with Natural Pink Frosting
If you’re looking for a healthier version of a chocolate Valentines treat, This recipe from Food with Kid Appeal is the place for you.  We haven’t tried this one yet, but we will…yes we well ;D

Calzone Recipe for Kids
We love pizza, and these heart shaped Calezones with pizza filling are right up our alley.  This recipes has you making dough…which is cool if you’re inspired by dough making, but if you are not, you could use a refrigerated dough and cut it into a heart.  Either way, these are super cute for a kid-friendly, family Valentine dinner.

Valentines Day Cake Balls
So, we’ve never actually made cake balls…YET. My mom says we must. She says they’re great for making with kids and delicious for those who are inclined toward sugary awesomeness.  Mommy’s Kitchen always has great recipes, so when we finally take the cake ball plunge, these will be the instructions we follow.

Whatever your inclination, chocolatey, cake-alicious or heart-shaped savorey…any of these recipes would add to a perfect family Valentine meal.  Alex and Soph will be at their Dad’s on ‘the day’…but I think I feel a fancy ‘Saturday-before-the-holiday-dinner’ coming on 😀

What are your favorite Valentine recipes to make with the kids? Let us know with a comment!

Happy Family Cooking Everyone,

Kelly, Alex and Sophia


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