Family Gardening = Math, Science,Healthy Eating and Summer Fun Together!

Posted by Sue

1) Start with a family planning session. Decide what veggies or fruits everyone either knows they like or would like to try. May someone just wants to see how things look when they grow?

2) Pick a location for your garden. If you don’t have a designated spot, pick one and dig up your soil.

3) Go as a family to buy plants and seeds. Garden centers are always busy and have something for all ages to enjoy.

4) Create a planting plan. Decide where to plant things, use math skills to figure out how much space for each item and how deep to plant. Kids of all ages can help drop seeds in dirt and plant plants.

5) Make a row line marker. I use one and it helps keep your rows straight when planting. I used 2 tent stakes to make mine. Just take a piece of heavy string longer than your garden and attach each end to a stake or dowel or stick or pencil. Then wrap the string around one stick. when you start planting put the empty stick in the dirt on one end and unroll the full stick and put it in the dirt on the other end of your row. Now dig your trench for seeds and plant along the string. When done move your string to the next location and keep going till everything is planted. I usually put popsicle sticks in the row ends as I move the row marker. You can write what is planted in each row on the popsicle sticks.

6) Water your plants. Watering after you plant is important, everyone should be able to help with that too.

7) Weed your garden. Weeding isn’t quite so fun, but seeing what things look like as they grow is! And tasting fresh veggies and fruits instead of store-bought or cooked is a lot of fun–sometimes even surprising :) Take a family pole on which way things taste best. Cooked or raw?

Whether or not your garden is a super success or just ok, it’s a learning process the whole family can experience together. As a parent, it’s fun to watch what each family member learns while having fun with the garden and enjoying summer with the kids!

Happy Family Gardening!



P.S. What are some of your families favorite veggies or fruits to grow? Please share with a comment!

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