Introducing Grandma…a.k.a. Sue!

Posted by Sue

Hi! I am Sue, or Mom, or Grandma as the case may be! I have been a part of the Two Kids family since its inception. You could say they wouldn’t be here without me :)

I have been interested in cooking and arts and crafts since I was about 8 years old. I was fortunate to have grown up in a home where  I was allowed to explore those interests and try new things.

When I became a mom I wanted to instill those same interests in my own children. I loved being a mom and eventually that lead me to become daycare mom . That was my first group experience with  kids cooking, crafting and gardening.  During those crazy days of cooking or crafting with six 4 year olds, they taught me to view creativity and imagination in a “glass-is-always-half-full” way.  The next step seemed natural to me, I went to work as a kindergarten classroom aid. I’ve also taught several craft classes for kids and adults.

I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to create–there is no right or wrong way, or better or worse way–If you’ve done your best and your heart is in your work, IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

Most recently I truly enjoy spending time being creative and learning from my grandchildren. They are wonderful teachers and I am very happy to formally become a part of their Two Kids Family!

Happy Family Cooking, Gardening & More Everyone!

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