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Posted by Danielle nature walks together through parks and on trails is a great way to spend time together.  Every season of the year is different and there are always beautiful and interesting things to see.  I especially enjoy gathering fallen leaves, rocks, shells, small branches and flowers.  There are so many wonderful discoveries to be made in your own backyard!

Here are some fun projects to expand the treasures you might find on your next adventure into the great  outdoors!

Sea-Shell Mobiles
There are several variations on this project.  For example: You might use other objects if seashells aren’t part of your landscape.  You could also use sturdy twigs or fallen branches for the mobile rather than store bought wooden dowels.  Let your imagination run free!

Flower Prints
I think this project is so much fun!  What a great way to experiment with flowers.  Remember to be respectful and kind to nature and your neighbours.  Don’t pick your neighbours flowers!  Use flowers from your own garden or wildflowers from a public area.

Pressing Leaves
This is so easy to do!  Leaves are pretty and once you have pressed them properly, they can be used in a multitude of art projects.  You can use pressed leaves in collages or paint the backs of them and press onto paper for a leaf imprint.  What will you do with your pressed leaves?

Grass clippings, pieces of tree bark, pebbles, seeds, shells, feathers……there are lots of amazing objects to discover on your explorations!  Gather your friends and family together and take a wander outside.  Don’t forget to bring a bag for all the amazing treasures you will find and get your craft table ready for action!!

Happy “Nature-Hunting”!


P.S. What are your favorite crafts from nature? Please share them with everyone by leaving a comment!



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