Kids Gardening: Grandma’s Fairy Garden is Done!

Posted by Sue

As you know from my prior post, I was making this fairy garden as a Mothers day gift for my mom….

She is a collector of "well used" things, that is why I decided her garden should have reused objects to furnish it rather than new :) It was so much fun to create my own furnishing for my garden as well as my own fairy! It would have been even more fun to do with my grandchildren, they have great imaginations and I know, would have come up with some wonderful ideas for furnishing my garden.

➤ I used an assortment of things I had in my craft cupboard such as recycled copper wire and a small grapevine wreath to create a gazebo; rocks make a bench, wooden spools and a canning lid are a table and chairs. A seashell pond and broken piece of plexiglass along with some stained glass paint make a suncatcher. I used leftover aquarium rock for pathways, and moss I actually found growing in one of my planters–then I ran out of room and had to stop!

➤ I also used an assortment of about 5 different succulent plants and  succulent plant soil. (It has sand in it as well as nutrients for the plants)



➤ For my fairy I cheated a little and bought an adorable kit for a clothespin fairy. It is made by Kids Camp and you can find it at Jo Ann fabric stores. I am proud of my final result and can’t wait to give it to my mom!!! Now I want one too, maybe some grandchildren I know can make one with me, hint hint :)


Happy Family Gardening!

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