Kids Gardening: Kids – Imagination – Fairy Gardens, Of Course!!

Posted by Sue

I recently learned about Fairy Gardens and I thought this would be a great activity to do with kids. And, being that Mother’s day is approaching, I also thought they’d make great gifts for moms, grandmas, or any imaginative gardener in your life. Or, kids can have fun just playing with them too 😉

I decided to make one for my mom as a Mother’s day gift. She’s a collector, recycler, reuse-it type of person who happens to love fairies. I’ll have to put my imagination to the test reinventing objects for her garden and I’ll have pictures in a follow-up post to share!

Here are the steps I’ll follow to create my garden:

First find a container for your garden.
Anything from hollowed out wood pieces to fancy containers will work. I am using a granite ware pan (granite ware is the old metal cookware with an enamel finish usually in grey or blue and it has white specks in it). My mom happens to collect these, but the kids can help search around the house or outdoors for the perfect container for your fairy garden.

Get the foundation ready
To construct the garden just put in your drainage stones, and some good plant soil in you container. You’ll need drainage in your container, so, if you can’t put holes in the bottom I suggest putting a bed of larger stones in the base before you put in the soil. This step is a fun one for the kids—kids love playing in the dirt.

Next you need plants for the fairies to forage in
It’s suggested to use succulents mainly because they grow more slowly and stay more compact. If you choose to use regular house plants you will have to keep them snipped back so they don’t over run your garden. Depending on your kid’s ages, they can assist with planting, or plant their own.

Play Areas for your Fairy Garden.
You will want to use sphagnum moss and aquarium rock to create your pathways and grassy areas. If you include a house or benches you will want pathways leading to them. The moss is the yard. You could use blue rock to make a stream and put a little bridge over it.

Of course you need some furnishings for your garden.
Fairies like to be comfortable, too. You can purchase adorable kits on-line, and in gardening centers. I, however, am choosing to use my imagination and create my own furnishings. Your children will have excellent ideas on how to furnish the garden either way.

You can also, if you wish, include a fairy or two in the garden. You can also find them in gardening centers and on-line. Or, you might just leave it an open space for the occasional fairy to stop by!

Happy Family Gardening!

(a.k.a. Alex and Soph’s Grandma)

P.S. If you’re looking for supplies, check out Amazon, they’ve got lots of stuff there; or, Enchanted Gardens is another great resource we’ve come across online.

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