Two Kids Cooking TV: Holy Blini, For Crepes Sake!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

For this month we’re trying something new with the show. We usually have just a couple ‘short’ shows (up to 8 minutes) a month; BUT, because we’ve started doing our show on our local public access channel (SCC Channel 15) in up to 30 minute episodes, we’ve decided to share the full-length version.

This month we’ve got about 29 minutes of Alex and Soph sharing Mad Kitchen Science, Recipes, Kitchen Techniques and some Food Fancification! ¬†We hope you enjoy the show…we’ll be posting shorter ‘chunks’ of each segment in the coming week or show, but we though you might enjoy seeing the full version.

What you’ll be seeing:

Mad Kitchen Science: Yeast!

Recipes: Blini and Crepes

Kids Kitchen Technique: Flipping

Food Fancification: Preparing and presenting your Blini and Crepes.

Happy Family Cooking Everyone!

P.S. The book we use as reference to our experiment is, ‘Science Experiments You Can Eat,’ by Vicki Cobb.

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