Kids Crafts: Happy Birthday America!-Say it With Paint Sticks

Posted by Sue

As we all know the 4th of July is fast approaching. I especially like this holiday, it’s what I think of as a lazy holiday. No weeks of preparation, no giant meal planning, no gifts to buy, just sit back at the lake or at home or in a park. Families come together as they can, bring treats to share, stories to tell and have fun together. Now that’s a holiday!

Still my creative side tells me we should make a decoration of sorts. Something any age can enjoy doing. Of course, paint stir sticks popped into my head! (No, I don’t know why my mind works this way :)) I thought they would make perfect fireworks! I have some on hand but I went to my local hardware/paint store and asked if I could get a few more. They said, of course and since you are a good customer you can just have them for free. This is a benefit of shop locally :)

I brought them home, got out the red, white and blue paint and some glitter coat. You can just paint them in any design you can think of–Stars, stripes, solids, squiggles all good!

When they dry attach some curled pipe cleaners to the top with a glue gun. To curl pipe cleaners just wrap them around a pencil or dowel. I used the sparkly pipe cleaners, but any kinds will work.

Isn’t that simple, but fun?

I think they would be cute on your picnic table stuck in a watermelon, in a styrofoam base or even as a decoration in a planter. Let your imagination go and you’ll come up with a great idea how to display them.

If you do make these fireworks, or another holiday decoration you would like to share, take a picture and please share it with us! We would love to see or read about it!

Most importantly have fun family crafting and have a relaxing 4th of July!!

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