Kids Gardening: Plant a Patio Herb Garden with Your Kids!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Does your family plant a garden? If so, tell us about it with a comment!


Last week the kids and I converted a couple of patio containers into self-watering containers. so, once we had the containers, we were ready for planting.  container gardens are great for those of us who don’t have a yard; or, for people who want to try gardening, but need something that’s easier to manage than a full-fledged garden.  container gardens are also perfect for doing with kids of all ages because they’re quick & easy to manage.

Here are the steps we took in planting our garden:

1.)    Decide what you’re going to plant.
We decided we’d do herbs that we will try to continue growing indoors at the end of the season.  Our list included 3 types of basil, mint, rosemary, lavendar, cilantro, thyme, sage and chives.  We wanted oregano and catnip (for the new cat we’re getting); but we’ll couldn’t find any at the supermarket greenhouse things we went to…we’ll have to go to a garden shop or start them from seed i guess.

2) Plan a time for your planting
We did our planting one day after school.  Since we know the date and time, we were all ready to get our hands dirty…mostly Soph and me, though. Alex’s favorite part was watering the plants and filling our new self-watering container reservoirs.

3) Plant!
We had three containers to plant, so Sophia took the big one and I took the two small ones.  I gave her a quick refresher on how deep to dig, getting the plants out of those plastic containers and then how deep they should be in the hole. At 9 years old, she’s pretty self-sufficient with planting: D

4) Water
When it was time to hydrate our newly planted herbs, Alex was ready to join in.  First we watered the top of the containers with the plants in them, and then we filled the reservoirs on each container.

5) Enjoy
After we washed up a bit, it was time for a iced beverage and some relaxing.  We are so excited to have our herb garden on our patio.  Plus, we did get some new patio furniture too, so we can have meals out in the fresh air (with our herbs!)

Happy Gardening!

Does Your Family Plant a Garden? If so, tell us about it with a comment!

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